A List Of Healthy Cocoa Based Products

Many people of different ages enjoy chocolate and cocoa based products. It contains fat and sugars which can lead to gaining weight, obesity, and diabetes. If you are afraid of purchasing sweet cocoa treats from a bakery, grocery or a café you can always opt for creating it at home and control the amount of sugar you will be using. Here is a list of healthy chocolate snacks that will make you feel good but still give you the same satisfaction when having a bar of chocolate:

Ferrero Rocher balls

This delicious treat only consists of fifty-five calories per ball which contains hazelnuts, almond milk, dark cooking chocolate, maple syrup and a little bit of coconut oil.

Double chocs

The double choc balls contain dates, almonds, a mix of healthy smoothie powder and dark cocoa. It only adds sixty calories per ball into your diet.

Protein bites

This is a brilliant after school snack or just for yourself which is only eighty-eight calories a bite. The recipe consists of dates, pecan nuts, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, chia seeds, coconut oil and some smoothie powder.

Ripe mango bars

Ripe mango strips can be coated in dark chocolate and can be included as a healthy and nutritious snack. It can almost be considered as one of the sugar free chocolate treats due to the ingredients used; mango, coconut, smoothie mix and dark chocolate. It only adds ninety calories per bar.Mousse cups

A of cocoa mousse is only sixty-one calories which is deliciously mouth-watering to look at and taste. The ingredients needed are Greek yogurt, bananas, cocoa powder, coconut oil and natural sweetener.

Caramel slice – dairy free

Enjoy a slice of dairy free caramel that is just ninety-five calories. It contains only healthy fats, sugars and a percentage of your daily protein intake.

Cocoa and goji berry muffin

This muffin consists of eighty-seven calories which is free of artificial ingredients, bad sugars and fats. All you need is sun dried goji berries, prunes, xylitol, rice malt, coconut flour, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips and fresh cocoa powder.


Brownies is a crowd favourite. If you are looking for the perfect low calories brownie, it is can be made so that it only consists ninety calories per piece. Grab walnuts, almonds, dates, chia, desiccated coconut, cocoa and salt. The icing comprises of honey, coconut oil, cocoa and salt.

Microwave explosions

Grab some honey, wholemeal flour and dark cocoa chips create an explosion of oozing cocoa that is just thirty-nine calories.

Get cracking with these delicious and healthy treats where you can satisfy your cravings and lose weight at the same time.

For The Love Of Nature

Trees play an essential role in bio diversity. It is something which is necessary for our lives. It is quite essential for the other beings on this planet too. So it is part of our responsibility, as humans, to protect this to our best of abilities.

Tree services Sydney provides all work related to cutting, lopping, trimming etc. You can get it the way you want and end up with a polished look for the entire areas. These services are also extended to domestic garden for very affordable prices.The necessary tools and techniques are required to carry out these in a proper manner which will lead to a much better environment. It can also help stop the spreading of various diseases and to keep the surrounding in a much better.Tree removal Sydney follows the rules and regulations with regard to the maintenance of trees, which required special permits and need to be carried out accordingly. Failure to do so may cause a lot of unwanted trouble for those involved.It is best you consult the experts in this field for all your issues with regard to trees, plants, flowers and even bushes. The relevant authorities are on the lookout for any mishaps which occur during the phase of cutting down these greenery. So you should ensure it is done properly to avoid unnecessary trouble. Doing so would cause much good to all parties involved in this act.

The world environment day is focused on this part of it and there are so many initiatives taken on this day to carry out the required proceedings. There are a lot of people involved in this who are already in this field. Horticulture has its own set of people who are dedicated to the subject and they know how to carry out proceedings. Authorities do know what they ought to look out for.

From your part, you can do your best to save this world from losing the greenery it ought to have. To maintain its lush trees and plants the way it was decades ago. Don’t let it deteriorate along with the year to come. The city is full of concrete and we live amidst a concrete jungle. Don’t forget to appreciate the valleys and meadows too as these are what gives us a lot in life to carry on. A lot of legal issues surround these topics today, due to the fact that many do go and try to destroy nature in several ways. Provide your fullest support against such activities.


Love as it is, comes with many complications and insecurities and there is no need to mess up your ‘’A’’ game with a shoddy bunch of flowers. So if ever in doubt look up to the professional flower people who actually make a living of putting together flowers that say the right thing, have them deliver luxury roses for you or have a dainty box of flowers ready for you to pick up. They are likely to do a better job than you.Be it a joyous occasion or tragic, flowers have always found a way to be present, as a very vital aspect.

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