Keeping Fresh Floral Arrangements In Good Shape After They Arrive

Trim Some Leaves to Avoid them from Rotting

By trimming the leaves that are hanging low, you can achieve the effect of having your flowers last longer. Not only does it make your flower blossoms more visible, but it also prevents leaves submerged in water from rotting (we will get to the point regarding submerging in water soon).

Use Fresh Water in Vases

Submerging flowers in a vase full of fresh water is recommended to keep them looking great for a long period of time. Normal water works alright, but you can achieve more by using a mixture of water and flower food (which is what florists use when delivering right wedding flower to their customers). Some home-made solutions exist to replace flower food: you can find methods to make them if you search online.

Don’t Overcrowd a Single Vase

A single vase only has a limited capacity. If it seems like you will have a tough time fitting all flowers in your bouquet inside it, consider getting two or three more vases to spread the flowers evenly in multiple groups.

Store them in a Cool, Dry Location

The way you store your flowers can have a significant impact on their usable life. Try to keep them away from sunlight as much as possible, keeping the temperatures quite low (but nowhere near zero degree Celsius). The use of an air conditioner can help you achieve these ideal conditions, provided that you set it up correctly.

Remove Any Wilted Blossoms Whenever You See Them

Even with the best possible care, you cannot avoid a few flowers from slowly becoming wilted after a lot of time passes. Make sure to remove wilted flowers when you spot them, in order to preserve the remaining flowers.